P10 Flexible Full Color LED Display

Where to use P10 flexible LED display?

  • Rental led display – easy transportation & fast  installation & disassembly
  • Vehicle LED display – lightweight & easy installation & disassembly
  • Outdoor advertisement – high brightness & resolution
  • Stage background – easy installation & high resolution & fresh rate
  • Some special places, – rugged & scraggly wall surface & fragile ceiling.

It’s also designed special for some stores, super market, shopping center, show center, meeting room,  public place, transportation place, street , bus station to display message, picture, animation and advertisement.

Why choose P10 flexible LED display?

Advantages and features

  • In order to get high pixel resolution and obtain a brilliant vision effect, P10 led display is the  idea choice, which has 10,000pixels per square meter, it can let you fully enjoy a high resolution images.
  • If installed place is small and required a very clear vision, P10 led display can perfect finish the job, small screen size can get fantastic vision.
  • P10 led display can let you enjoy a clear vision effect within a short viewing distance, it’s optimum viewing distance is 10 meters.
  • P10 led display is composed of SMD lamps with a wide viewing angle 140° x 140°, which will let you get a big angle vision.
  • It can be curved into different shape to fit convex or concave wall or rugged wall or building, also it can be shaped into column to wrap pillars for animation decoration.
  • It’s  supper lightweight as 20KG/㎡ and ultra thin, it’s lighter 45KG/㎡ than normal LED display, as its lightweight, it can be installed in fragile wall of buildings and be hung from simply ceiling and roof, also it can be used to replace traditional post paper advertisement instead of making new billboard infrastructure.
  • It’s designed and produced as standard module unit as 1m x 1m, it’s easy to ship as flat package without damage, save a lot transportation cost.
  • It’s assembled together by standard module unit without size limitation.
  • It’s easy for maintenance, the whole units can be replaced and repaired easily.
  • It’s easy for installation with little infrastructure.
  • It’s widely used for both indoor and outdoor with IP65 weatherproof, also it’s good for rent business and show publicity.
  • Its illumination reaches over 6500nits/m2 with exquisite visual effect even under direct sunlight.
  • It’s designed with an easy control system, it’s easy to operate it.

What’s the details about P10 flexible LED display?





3 in1 SMD

Viewing angle


Pixel configuration


LED driving method

1/4 scan

Pixel pitch


Standard display unit


Naïve resolution





281 trillions


16 bit


≥6500 cd/㎡

Refresh rate

4200 Hz

Frame rate


Power requirement


Max Power consumption


Avg. power consumption


Protective grade


Operating temperature

-20ºC to +60ºC

Operating humidity

20% to 90%


50,000 hours

Operation system

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA

Input signal

S-video,VGA,RGB,Composite Video,SDI etc

Video display function (with led video processor)

Varies of text, graphics, pictures, flashes, and any signals from TV,VCB,DVD, camera and scanned can be synchronized with PC,Support


What people accomplished with P10 flexible LED display?

P10 led display can be used both for indoor and outdoor, they are used for store, super markets, outdoor advertisement, shows, meeting screen and stage background etc.

P10 flexible led display application


P10 flexible led display application

 flexible led display for art design

How to make it run easily?

  • p10 soft led display is assembled by standard structure unit as 1280mm x 960mm without  screen size limitation, customized size is welcome.
  • Totally there are two cables  connected with inside screen, one is power cable, another is signal cable, which are easy to plug into connector inside of cabinet tightly.
  • As long as get the screen powered on, it will start to play like normal led display, the used system is from Lightech, which is easy to control.
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